MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance
Platforms: PC
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Developer: FASA Studio
Genres: Simulator / Robot Combat
Release Date: November 24, 2000
Game Modes: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

13.jpg_1Hands down the best MechWarrior so far.

Few series can match the raw emotive joy of the MechWarrior line. There’s a singular joy derived from driving 100-ton bipedal monsters bristling with all sorts of missiles and guns. The story behind MechWarrior 4 is the typical fodder for such a game – your royal family has been brutally murdered, and its rule over your home planet usurped by a tyrannical clan. What better excuse do you need to lead a small rebel force of MechWarriors on a rampage of vengeance?

At its core, this is a MechWarrior game, and a great one at that. You can destroy just about everything you see, and much of it simply by driving your Mech over or through it. Trees splinter into a million toothpicks under your Mech’s metal feet. Tanks, trucks, cars, tents, huts, and small buildings are reduced to rubble in your wake, in that unique ground-shaking, dust-kicking, footprint-leaving impact a  BattleMech has on a neighborhood.

And you’ll wreak havoc in some extremely beautiful and realistic game environments throughout the course of the campaign’s 30-plus missions, spread across 15 diverse game maps (alpine, desert, swamp, urban, lunar, etc). Through these locations you’ll get to take 21 of them out for the ultimate test drive — and six are brand-new to the series. The heavy assault Mad Cat Mark II is the pick of the newcomers; it’s a bigger and badder version of one of the most popular Mechs ever. And the medium Uziel, with its dual PPCs, is an all-around warrior’s dream.

6_1Regardless of size, all the Mechs are a blast to drive and destroy with, thanks to a slick heads-up display that gives you all the necessary information – damage, ammo, weapon status, torso orientation – at a glance, and a slick control scheme requiring minimal use of the keyboard. (You will need a decent joystick with a throttle control and/or rudder control option, however). And, a brief-yet-comprehensive training tutorial is available to help prevent new Mech recruits from crashing and burning on their first time out.

New weapons include the Long Tom Cannon, which is basically a long-range artillery gun you can strap to your Mech, and the Bombast Laser, which takes some skill to use but can be more lethal than other energy weapons. As always, you can choose your Mech, and outfit it prior to embarking on a mission in the Mechlab, which with its simple drag and drop configuration is as simple as ever to use.

If you’re new to the series, this is a good start. MechWarrior 4 takes and improves the winning combination of action and tactics from past games, and bundles it an a fun, explosive package.

System Requirements: Pentium II 266 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 8 MB Video, Windows 98

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  1. Leong says:

    Need assist , after installed .. the game unable start…

  2. Craig says:


    I attempted to download a file, and the firedrop page opened a pop up page which immediately attempted restrict access to my computer, saying that it was an official Microsoft alert and that it would only allow me to continue if I provided personal details and a fee. I managed to exit Internet Explorer quickly enough and use anti-virus software (Malwarebytes, AVG etc) to clean my system. So far the offending pop up page has not reappeared, but I recommend that everybody avoid these download links.

  3. Christ, This bullshit again. I’ll disable firedrop and use torrents exclusively in a few weeks once they work 24/7. I don’t control what those dipshits do, but i don’t know of any other service that allows game uploads. they work for 99% of people, although i didn’t know their ads did this shit

  4. Scoo says:

    Game starts, but I can´t enter the MechBay. Everytime this error occurs:
    MechBay_main.script(1170) : Expected an integer or float variable, found “grp_num_weapons”

  5. JH says:

    Just to comment on the Firedrop malware thing…don’t blindly believe what the popup window tells you about your system being this or that. It can’t do or restrict anything without you agreeing and then foolishly installing whatever crap is then downloaded. Just ignore and close the separate window.

    OPCG, don’t lose Firedrop. It’s still very useful for those who see and follow your instructions, and have two grains of common sense. It’s no more or less risky than any other site on the internet these days, especially compared to other file-hosting sites, and that hosting does help out a lot of us who can’t resort to the torrent method. I think lack of basic web common sense and over-reaction are the real problems here. And OPCG, thank you as always for your hosting of all these great old games.

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