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Site Updates May 2016

There were some attempts at attacking this site so a few new security measures were implemented. Thanks for your patience guys.

Another minor update – a new category with educational related software will be featured. Expect encyclopedia CDs and other various kinds of edutainment software.

That is all

  • Your Esteemed Overlord


  1. jarrett says:

    Hi sorry your site was attacked. But please keep up the awesome work this is one of my fave sites ever !!!! 🙂

  2. josh says:

    keep it up man! don’t close the site!

  3. Don’t worry. The site’s secure and everything is continually archived. Won’t be dying anytime soon.

  4. RICHARD says:

    FANTASTIC WEBSITE…..Wonderful downloads…….Is it possible that you could develop something on the site that would SPEED up the downloads?? I have noticed it on similar sites…You could charge a small fee as others do.

    Richard G.

  5. The download service is a separate site, so I can’t change anything there.
    Direct downloads (the white download buttons) are linked to

    try They sell full games that are DRM free

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