How to Run DOS Games in DosBox

More Dos games will be featured on this site in the coming months, and it’s only fair that I write up some clear tips on how to play these on modern computers. DosBox is everyone’s favorite MSDOS emulator, and learning how to use it takes but a few minutes.

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How to Mount CD Images in DosBox

Here we’ll learn how to use DosBox to mount MSDOS game CDs and actually install and play the game. We’ll assume you already have a game disc image (.ISO, .BIN, .NRG, etc.) on your hard drive, and you know how to mount those disc using programs like Power ISO, Deamon Tools, Alcohol 120%, etc. 1. […]

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How to Stop Skipping Sound / Music in DosBox

Some DosBox users have reported sound and music skipping / stuttering in Dos games. If you, like me, are one of the unlucky ones to experience this annoyance when playing Dos games, then I recommend you read the following solution:

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How To Run Games in a Window & Record Gameplay

Feel like recording gameplay footage from the classics only to find that neither Fraps, Bandicam nor any other recording software is up to the job? No worries. We’ll explore some solutions that will let you record gameplay and take screenshots from old games.

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