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Currently at around 15% US followed by EU countries. The site has a daily average of 22.000 visits, made by 7000 visitors. More info on Alexa –

Pricing & How To

Price is determined by the average impressions of the month before. 1000 ad impressions costs 0.7$. Payment is per impressions, not clicks.

Currently the site has around 28.000 ad impressions, from 22.000 visits, made by 7000 visitors every day.

Hence, a CPM of 0.7 (cost per 1000 impressions) x 28 (thousands of ad impressions/day) = $19.6/day.

To publish a banner ad, the price will be paid in full for whatever length of time the advertiser wishes to have the banner ad displayed. The banner ad goes up immediately upon payment.

Only simple animated GIF, JPG or any image files are displayed. It’s up to the advertiser to provide these image files. Upon request, the advertiser can add multiple banner ad image files and they will be rotated (displayed randomly). The advertiser must also provide a link of where the banner ad will lead to upon clicking.

Please go to Contact Us for more details.


  • No scam or porn sites.
  • Banner ad must be in GIF, JPG or any image file.
  • Image size must be 300×250 pixels.