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Updates, Surveys and Whatnot

Hi guys. Trying something new. Some of the red buttons will require you complete a survey or web offer (such as registration to another site) before it allows you to continue. If you don’t want to do this you can always try the green magnet links, but of course they require a program to be pre-installed on your PC before they work. Let me know how this system works for you. I apologize for making things difficult but this joint doesn’t pay for itself.


  1. Eduardo Fernandes says:

    If you really need to, sure, why not?
    You have been putting a lot of content here, so we should be glad anyway

  2. Ben Nutter says:

    Y’know, considering the fact that you have published hundreds of old PC games that many of us had wanted to play during our childhoods, I’m honestly surprised that only know you are using surveys to help pay for this.

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